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·      Lawn Mowing


Areas Serviced

·      Palmerston North


If you’d prefer to leave your lawns in the capable hands of an expert, then it might be time to get in touch with Paul from Crewcut in Palmerston North. Paul services many different areas within Palmerston North, with 90 percent of his work carried out with a ride-on lawn mower. If you want your lawns to look in excellent condition without lifting a finger, then Paul’s your man.


Paul loves the freedom that working for Crewcut offers. He gets to quote competitive prices for his customers and manage every facet of the business to ensure it works for him. He also loves working in Palmerston North for the flat land and mild climate. 


When Paul’s not out and about taking care of his clients’ lawns, he’s maintaining his equipment and growing his business. Because he used to drive bulldozers and dabble in farming before his lawn care franchise, he considers his mechanical skills to be valuable. He gets to save time and money by maintaining his equipment to a high standard himself.


The work-life balance of Crewcut also means he has time for the finer things in life. He likes to dabble in a game of golf from time to time. 


Paul has some valuable advice for others who think that lawn care is an industry that could suit them down the line. 

“Take the good with the bad and just keep doing the job you’re supposed to do.” 

He also recommends that you do your research, so you know what you’re buying. 


Paul has all the skills and expertise to get the job done, so why not get in touch about your lawn care needs? Take away all the stress of home maintenance by giving Paul a call.