Warren M.


Services Offered

  • Lawn Mowing

  • Spraying

Service Areas

  • Far North

  • Kerikeri

  • Paihia

Warren and Shirley are proud to be your local Crewcut dynamic duo, servicing the communities of Kerikeri, Paihia, and beyond. Whether you need a helping hand with your lawns, or you want someone to spray all those pesky weeds, Warren and Shirley are ready to get stuck in.

The husband and wife team have been working for Crewcut since 2013, and love the loyal and valued client base they have managed to establish. They pride themselves on mowing lawns to a high standard, offering the same care and finish they would have achieved on their own property.

Warren takes care of 90% of the lawns, while Shirley tends to all the bookwork and invoicing. This arrangement works well for them and is setting them up for their retirement.

Before Warren and Shirley joined Crewcut, Warren was a mechanic. He then purchased a truck and went trucking for nine years. The mechanic industry was hard to leave behind, and Warren was back on the tools for the next 16 years.

With health and retirement on their minds, Shirley and Warren decided to do something new, and a lawn care franchise was it. They looked at different options and chose Crewcut due to how approachable it looked.

Now, Warren and Shirley look like they’ve been doing it for decades. They make their way around various areas in the Far North, taking care of over 50 lawns. In their spare time, they also enjoy watching motorsport. Eventually, they’d like to have more time to go fishing – their other passion. 

While weather conditions can be challenging to contend with, Warren and Shirley love the freedom and flexibility of working in lawn care. However, their advice to those looking to enter the industry is to understand that it’s going to get hard.

“Make sure it’s really you, it’s going to get hard, so make sure this is where you want to go with your life.”

This dynamic duo welcomes any inquiries about lawn mowing and can’t wait to meet with you and discuss your needs.

Zach White