Paul. W


Services Offered

  • Lawn Mowing
  • Hedge Trimming

Areas Covered

  • Mangere
  • Onehunga
  • Papatoetoe


Paul provides his lawn mowing and hedge trimming services to his loyal customers in Mangere Bridge, Onehunga, Papatoetoe, and Mangere. His tools include a Testarossa with an 850. Grassgrub 850, Kombi Stihl 131 and Stihl Blower. By trade he is an electrician, but got into window installing when he was in London. He saw the gap in the market in New Zealand so brought those skills here. He saw himself changing into a role where his time wouldn't be as flexible as he'd like so he could look after his kids. So a lawn mowing business seemed like the best choice. He joined up with Crewcut in 2011 and has been growing his business ever since. With a bit of help from his wife to get the books in order, his business runs smoothly. As long as his run maintains it’s steady path he’s a happy man.


With a couple of kids in the backseat, he’s always busy. When he can find the time he treats himself to a paid fishing trip out for the day. He's also happy that his mechanical skills have come into play with his business as he only requires basic parts from his lawn mowing supplier and can do all the maintenance himself. With a few older customers he finds that checking up on them every now and then and having a conversation goes down well, keeping them happy and loyal.