Services Provided

  • Lawn Mowing
  • Simple gardening

Areas Covered

  • Devonport
  • Torbay



Myk Ashby starts his days off in Devonport and mows his way back home to Torbay everyday. His main service is lawn mowing but makes sure to keep his loyal customers happy with extra help if they need it. When it comes to the tools, Myk will swear by Shindaiwa any day of the week. He also stocks up on Victor and Teatorosa gear. Before he was a Crewcut service provider, he found himself in different labouring jobs. From farming to truck driving, he was practically a jack of all ‘labouring’ trades. It got to the point where Myk decided it was time to earn more for the hard work he was putting in. When he found Crewcut he found we suited him best, he believed he would fit well and it was the best looking of all the options. Now Myk’s main focus for his business is too keep his clients happy so he can coast along and be happy too. The freedom of owning his own business allows him to pick and choose how he deals with everyday.


Apart from his wife, the biggest things in his life are his pets. He has 4 dogs and 2 cats to share the love with. He also finds great joy in looking after his own property, not with just mowing but also tends to a bunch of bonsai trees. With all of his experience throughout numerous industries he found himself to be great at what he did. Now with over 10 years experience in Crewcut he knows how to design his optimum lawn run. Myk’s number one tip to other franchisees is to make sure your own place is in tip top shape, you can only model your client’s lawn on your own.

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