John N.


Services Offered

  • Lawn Mowing

  • Hedge Trimming

  • Small tree work

Areas Covered

  • Huapai

  • Riverhead

  • West Harbour

  • Massey


John brings his easy, go-lucky attitude to the western suburbs Huapai, Riverhead, West Harbour, Massey, Te Atatu, and Henderson. He provides hedge trimming, lawn mowing, small tree work, and all round handyman jobs. With a catcher and mulcher mower, weed eaters, blowers, and hedge trimmers, he gets to provide a wide range of services for his customers. His Victa mower is the mower of choice because it always leaves a nice finish after a mow. He also keeps Stihl tools for the bigger and gruntier jobs while Shindaiwa is great for the lighter jobs. He has helped quite a few of his customers with easy jobs like painting and helping to build a gate. His career before Crewcut saw him in logistics for 20 odd years from all aspects like fork hoist driving right through to inventory control and senior management. After working at one company for 10 years he became tired of working for someone who didn’t treat the staff right. John wasn’t enjoying it anymore so decided to dive into an idea he had over 25 years ago - owning a lawn mowing business. 


John spent some time in his research by keeping an eye out for lawn mowing franchisees parked up. He would pull over and have a chat with them to see how they felt about their brand. From there he also called his family and friends in West Auckland where he was looking to buy and asked who was the first lawn mowing company to come to mind. Crewcut seemed to be the most popular brand so he got in touch with us and found his business. His goal for the business is to use it to maintain his flexible lifestyle. As long as it keeps him busy enough while he can take the time to do everything else he wants to do, he’ll be happy. He never takes a wet day off, he finds his rhythm and just keeps rolling through to get the job done. John runs his business himself, including most maintenance, GST, and invoicing.


The lifestyle he gets to appreciate with the flexibility in his business means he follows his pastime of riding motorbikes. He’s been riding bikes since he was a kid and he’s owned them for most of his life. John’s current bike has been a bit of a project that he’s stripped down and built up to be a monster. He also loves to travel with his family, so they go on holiday every year, normally to Thailand. The rest of his time is running after his daughter. He has maintained some great people skills from working in bars and he is also a very patient person, it takes a lot to upset him. John always makes sure he does a good job and is fast at it. He’s reliable and a bit handy. All the houses he has owned he has built his own decks, fences and gates. He is keen to give anything a go. Other than how to mow a lawn, he has learnt that there are a lot of unfortunate and lonely people out there. There are a couple of old boys that don’t have any family in NZ and he’ll give them a ring and see if they need anything from the shop. John feels the most important thing for people to know is that the first year is a building year. So you need to learn a lot while also growing your business, so once you become smart and fast you can start making some real money. He feels it’s a great lifestyle and being your own boss is great. When you’re looking into the franchises make sure to understand their processes. It’s important to know how much you can control to make sure your business can succeed. John also makes sure to do everything above the board, so thats why he is GST registered, he doesn’t do cashies off the books, so he doesn't have anything to worry about.


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