Gee Soo & John


Services Offered

  • Lawn Mowing

  • Gardening

  • Landscaping

  • Spraying

  • Water Blasting

Service Areas

  • St Heliers

Gee Soo and John are our latest operators in Auckland, having only joined Crewcut in September. These days, they can be found serving clients’ backyards primarily in St Heliers doing lawn mowing, small gardening, and some landscaping work. They use multiple lawn mowers, a Stihl weed eater, a Stihl blower, and other accessories to perform their job daily.

Prior to owning a Crewcut lawn and garden franchise, Gee Soo used to be self-employed while John had something different going on for him. They thought that they needed exercise and a healthier lifestyle, so they decided to jump onboard. They realised that lawn mowing would be a good business for people who wanted to get away from having to stay in a stuffy office or doing indoor work all day long. “It’s best if you want fresh air all day,” Gee Soo shares.

The duo decided to go with Crewcut because they had a colleague who has been with the franchise for more than 10 years. They made this decision based on this person’s recommendation. They think that the level of support new people like them gets from the head office is one of the main factors that drew them to the business.

The optimistic operators say they want a bigger customer base in the future and wants to double the size of their lawn mowing run. They also mentioned taking on some extra help when he gets to this stage. Gee Soo says his best skill in the business is that he knows how a client thinks and can relate with them, adding that he’s still learning along with John but they generally know how to deal with customers.

Gee Soo mentions that in his spare time, you’ll find him fishing or playing golf. St Heliers and its nearby areas are truly lucky to have another go-to lawn mowing team in business partners Gee Soo and John.