What grass is between your toes?


You may think that grass is a one type suits all, but you’d be mistaken. In New Zealand alone there are about 6 common grasses that are typically used in backyards. It’s important to know what type you have or type you want as this will determine how often you need to water, or if it’s appropriate for children and pets.


Tall fescue

This is the lush green carpet stuff that tolerates shade. It needs plenty of watering throughout the summer months. Tall fescue is the most recommended for Auckland. 


Fine fescue

This is similar to the tall fescue except that it has a very fine leaf. It doesn’t live well in humid environments as it easily attracts fungal diseases. Therefore it doesn’t work too well in Auckland but instead in Christchurch.


Couch grass

This is the rugged grass that is becoming more popular. It needs to be in the full sun as it doesn’t cope well in shade and frost. In these conditions the grass can become dormant, but will flourish again when soil temperatures increase. This is the most ideal for children and pets as it grows sideways - making it quite sturdy. It would be good for any location with full sun or by the beach as it manages with high salt concentration. 


Kikuyu grass

Very similar to the couch grass but is available in an instant form.


Rye grass

This is popular as a sports field grass especially during winter as it has a positive recovery. Doesn’t like the shade too much and it needs ongoing watering. This is good for full sun exposure. 


Mixed blend

This can be one of the more undesirable breeds of grass as it has a blend of different seeds. As a result there can be a mixture of weeds and it can become expensive to maintain. 

Whatever grass you have, Crewcut can keep it tidy. We have the know-how and the skills to keep it in top condition, year round!

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